Fundamentals of Natural Gas Measurement Course

The International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement is excited to offer a comprehensive course in Fundamentals of Natural Gas Measurement at the School May 13-15, 2025.  The student will participate in ten hours of detailed curriculum that focuses on the critical fundamental aspects of natural gas volumetric and quality determination.  This course is an excellent opportunity for those new to natural gas measurement to develop a strong foundational understanding of natural gas measurement principles through focused instruction and participative learning.  Measurement analysts, technicians, engineers, accountants, and others responsible for gas measurement systems, processes and information will benefit from participation in this course.   This course will be offered to the first seventy-five enrollees at a cost of $75.00 in addition to the School registration fee.  The course fee will include the course materials available only to those enrolled, Continuing Education Units from the University of Oklahoma Outreach, as well as everything else that ISHM has to offer. 

Sign up today to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to develop and enhance your fundamental natural gas measurement knowledge and skills.  Remember, the course will be limited to seventy-five participants, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity.  We look forward to seeing you in Oklahoma City in May.

Total cost of Fundamentals of Natural Gas Measurement Course will be $250.
This includes the $175 for ISHM School Registration plus the $75 for the Fundamentals Course. 

Please use the following link to register for the new Fundamentals of Natural Gas Course. 

Course Curriculum

1. Units of Measure - Common units of measurement in hydrocarbon fluid quantification

2. Standard Conditions - Common standard conditions of measurement in hydrocarbon fluid quantity and quality determination

3. Fundamental Gas Laws - Fundamental physical laws that define the behavior of gases

4. Natural Gas Chemistry and Physical Properties - Primary components, properties and quality determination of natural gas compounds

5. Measurement Elements and Fluid Flow Calculations - Common flow measurement elements and related flow calculations used in natural gas measurement

6. Total Energy Determination - Combining volumetric quantities with physical properties and fluid quality

7. Measurement Ethics - A discussion of critical thinking and practices related to hydrocarbon measurement policies, procedures and circumstantial decision making 

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