ISHM Committee

Executive Committee
The School is governed by an Executive Committee of thirteen members, consisting of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, seven Past Chairman of the General Committee, three Past Chairmen of the Exhibitors Subcommittee, and one representative from the University of Oklahoma. At the end of each School, the retiring Chairman of the General Committee and Chairman of the Exhibitors Subcommittee become members of the Executive Committee and replace the members with the longest committee term of service. 

General Committee
The General Committee is responsible for planning and conducting the annual School. The General Committee consists of forty-one members and is made up of the General Chairman, association members and representatives elected from industry and manufacturing. Seven General Committee members serve as Subcommittee Chairmen overseeing the following subcommittees: Program, Publications, Exhibits, Educational Materials, Exhibitors, Publicity and Arrangements. The remaining committee members perform many duties including Vice-chairmen of the various Subcommittees. They provide invaluable service in preparation for, and during, the School.  Special Advisors are appointed each year by the incoming General Chairman, and work closely with the General Committee. Principal Advisors are past General Committee and Executive Committee members who offer invaluable guidance based on their many years of participation in the School.  Association members from industry organizations sometimes also serve on the General Committee and may include the American Petroleum Institute (API), the American Gas Association (A.G.A.), the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), the University of Texas Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX), the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Gas Processors Association (GPA).  The General Committee meets three times each year in preparation for the School.