Instructor Registration

ISHM instructors are a key and extremely vital part of ISHM. ISHM’s success is directly related to the quality of our hydrocarbon measurement instructors. ISHM instructors are highly trained, highly educated and have many years of real-world experiences that are shared over the two and one-half days of general session lecture classes, “hands-on” classes, and at the exhibit hall where you will find the measurement equipment and services currently in use. 

Speakers and instructors for the general sessions and specialized classes of the School are industry employees, leaders, engineers, representatives of the equipment manufacturers, and others directly interested in the measurement and handling of petroleum hydrocarbons. These speakers and instructors are selected by the Chairman of the Program Subcommittee from available candidates who are recommended by the General Committee. ISHM instructors work hard in preparing for their individual classes, often on their own personal time and in most cases at their own expense. ISHM would not be possible without the support of these professional instructors.

If you are an ISHM instructor please follow the link below. 

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