Steve Gage Memorial Historical Exhibit

Student Focused Since 1924

ISHM is believed to be the oldest petroleum industry school in the world devoted to fluid measurement and control. The School dates from 1924 when the first three-day session was organized as the Southwestern Gas Measurement Short Course (SGMSC).  ISHM maintains a historical display which showcases a wide variety of historical measurement artifacts.  Many of these items are on loan from various individuals and others are donated items.  Historical items are displayed annually at the school to provide everyone in attendance the opportunity to get a glimpse of the oil and gas industry’s dramatic evolution of hydrocarbon measurement.  Registrants are encouraged to seek out ISHM committee members or other individuals in attendance for educational opportunities on any of the items displayed or pictured. 

In 2018 the ISHM Committee unanimously voted to rename the historical exhibit display to the Steve Gage Memorial Historical Exhibit shortly after his passing. Steve Gage’s passion for ISHM was second only to his passion for his faith, family and Arkansas. Steve's career in the oil and gas industry spanned more than 40 years. He cared deeply about the people who make ISHM work, and the thousands of people who have attended that school over the years.  Steve served through all ISHM Committee Chairs and was the 1996 General Chairman.  He organized, built and managed the ISHM historical display.  Steve cared about preserving the history of ISHM and was passionate about collect, restoring and maintaining the documents, equipment and meters that made up the historical exhibit. Steve Gage understood the importance of measurement and ISHM history and earned the honorary title of “Director of Measurement History” of the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement.